Mountain bike routes in the Dolomites

Great variety of mountain bike trails and routes

  • Singletrail - Sas Rigais towards Col Raiser
  • Mountain biking to Passo Sella Dolomites
  • Mountain biking on the Lech de Pudra on Plan de Gralba
  • Mountain biking to Passo Sella Dolomites
  • Mountain biking Route Pieralongia
  • Mountain bike Route Rasciesa Brogles
  • Horses - Mountain bike Route Rasciesa Brogles
  • Cows - Mountain bike Route Rasciesa Brogles
  • Mountain bike tour on the Alpe di Siusi
  • Mountain bike Route - View to the Marmolada
  • Mountain bike Route Seceda Juac Hut Selva Gardena

Our Bed&Breakfast is a comfortable starting point for numerous mountain bike tours:


An ideal trail for mountain bike beginners or for families is the tour in Vallunga, a side valley in the nature park Puez-Odle. The path leads through woods and meadows up to the end of Vallunga and it is surrounded by impressive and steep mountain faces.

Juac Hut and Rifugio Firenze Hut

More experienced mountain bikers can chose to drive on the cross way path which starts out at the entrance of Vallunga, at the Silvester Chapel. The path is a panorama tour on which you can look down on Selva and drive up towards Daunei and continue further up to the Juac Hut. Athletically well-trained mountain bikers have the possibility to continue from there to the Rifugio Firenze Hut or Col Raiser and even drive up to Seceda.

Passo Sella

The mountain bike tour which leads up to Passo Sella is a bit more challenging. For the first part of the tour it is best to follow the main road up to Plan de Gralba. There you can take the forestry trail until shortly underneath Passo Sella where you have to drive into the main road again. As you arrive at Passo Sella you drive past the Sassolungo cable car, along the hiking path which leads through the City of Stones to the Comici Hut. From there you have several possibilities to get back to our house. One tour starts out in the direction of the Ciampinoi - Vallongia Hut and down to Plan de Gralba and back to Selva. The other starts out in the direction of Monte Pana and half way down you have to turn right at a little bridge which leads you in the direction of the camel bumps of the famous Saslong World Cup men’s downhill slope. From there you can drive along a great forestry trail to Pozza Manigoni in La Selva and from there you can reach the village centre of Selva within a few minutes.

Alpe di Siusi

Alpe di Siusi can be reached by driving up Monte Pana or the Jender Valley from S. Cristina or Ortisei. If you rather like comfortable mountain biking you can choose to drive to Ortisei and use the cable car there to get to Alpe di Siusi.

Rasciesa – Brogles - Seceda - Juac

The mountain bike tour Brogles – Seceda - Juac will also leave beautiful panoramic impressions in your memories. Start out by using the Rasciesa funicular railway and from the top station you can comfortably drive to the Brogles pasture. From there, drive to the middle station of the Seceda cable car, use the cable car to get to the top of Seceda, then continue your ride following an impressive single trail underneath the peaks of the Odle mountain range and continue to the Firenze Hut, then to the Juac Hut and back to Selva … a dream!

All these routes can also be driven by e-mountain bikes and are therefore feasible even for mountain bikers who are not that well-trained.

For all those who have never tried mountain biking before, this is the chance to get the hang of it!

A highlight is the Sellaronda mountain bike track tour

„The Sellaronda – experience nature and do a lot for your fitness“

In summer you can start out for the Sella Ronda mountain bike track tour right in front of our house. You can start out in clockwise direction and drive up the Dantercepies Road, use the Dantercepies-cable car to get to Passo Gardena and from there drive to Colfosco, Corvara, Campolongo, Arabba, Pordoi and Passo Sella.

If you start out for the Sellaronda in anti-clockwise direction you drive just round the corner to the Ciampinoi cable car. From there you drive to Passo Sella past the Comici Hut and the City of the Stones. Then you drive down to Lupo Bianco and continue towards Passo Pordoi, Arabba, Campolongo, Corvara and Colfosco to finally reach Passo Gardena.

The ascents to the mountain passes are done by cable cars or chair lifts and the descents by mountain bike ... Fun is a safe bet!

  • The clockwise MTB-tour:
    • 58 km, 450 hm difference in altitude to cycle (3730hm total altitude difference)
      Endurance Technical Downhills
  • The anti-clockwise MTB-tour is athletically a bit more challenging.
    • 53,9 km, 900 hm difference in altitude to cycle (3250hm total altitude difference)
      Endurance Technical Downhills

Alternatively, this tour is also offered by e-bike with slight changes

  • The clockwise E-Bike Tour:
    • 65 km, 340 hm difference in altitude to cycle (3350hm total altitude difference)
      Endurance Technical Downhills
  • The anti-clockwise E-Bike Tour:
    • 60 km, 550 hm difference in altitude to cycle (3050hm total altitude difference)
      Endurance Technical Downhills
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